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Abby's Stencil Cakes

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cake Sylvester2.jpg (47536 bytes)

Sylvester   Stencil#S-204

 (Not shown: Taz   Stencil#S-206)    

(Not shown: Ninja  Stencil#S-208

cake - girl troll.jpg (98506 bytes)

Girl Troll    Stencil#S-216

cake boy troll.jpg (23254 bytes)

Boy Troll    Stencil#S-218

cake -big wheel pickup truck.jpg (22665 bytes)

Big Wheel Pickup Truck   Stencil#S-326

cake semi truck2.jpg (20946 bytes)

Semi Truck    Stencil#S-314

cakes snowmobile2.jpg (19607 bytes)

Snowmobilers   Stencil#S-266

cake fishing female2.jpg (21856 bytes)

Fishing - Female    Stencil#S-294

cake fishing male2.jpg (36589 bytes)

Fisherman   Stencil#S-296

cake deer hunting.jpg (20771 bytes)

Deer Hunter    Stencil#S-298

duck hunting2.jpg (39143 bytes)

Duck Hunter   Stencil#S-300

cake couch potato.jpg (34927 bytes)

Couch Potato    Stencil#S-292

cake tool time2.jpg (40557 bytes)


cake tractor2.jpg (31312 bytes)

Tractor   Stencil#S-318

cake barn & horse.jpg (30756 bytes)

Barn & Horse   Stencil#S-314

cake cow2.jpg (27783 bytes)

Cow   Stencil#S-316

cake horses.jpg (42776 bytes)

Horses    Stencil#S-320

cake boots2.jpg (21353 bytes)

Boots    Stencil#S-322

cake 4oth birthday old buzzard.jpg (35185 bytes)

40 With Buzzard    Stencil#S-278

cake  laughing guys.jpg (33984 bytes)

Laughter   Stencil#S-202

cake 25th anniversary.jpg (21401 bytes)

25th Anniversary    Stencil#S-272

cake 50th anniversary.jpg (31803 bytes)

50th Anniversary    Stencil#S-274


Deco Cakes - Prices

1/4 Sheet (8"x12")  14.99

1/2 Sheet (12"16")  20.99

Full Sheet (16"x24")  29.99


If none of the pictured cakes will do, 

please contact us with your request.

If the bakers can design 

a cake to your specifications, 

we will contact you with the price.


Order Now  

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