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Abby's Designer Cakes

Famous characters, toy decorations

You may make choices of 

flavors, sizes, and colors on the order form

Clicking on the image will bring up

a larger version.

Clicking on the cake title will bring up

an order form.


bundles-stork-96624.jpg (10356 bytes)

Bundles - Stork Deco#96624

cake cow rattle2.jpg (32775 bytes) 

Cow Rattle - A Great Keepsake    Deco#96123

cake - Disney babies2.jpg (27524 bytes)

Disney Babies - First Birthday   Deco#96184

102dalmations.jpg (36156 bytes)

102 Dalmations #96138

Cinderella-96240.jpg (12749 bytes)

Cinderella Deco#96240

dwarfs-93025.jpg (14982 bytes)

Dwarfs Deco#93025

cake- minnie mouse2.jpg (32679 bytes)

Minnie Mouse  Deco#96202

cake - mickey mouse2.jpg (32240 bytes)

Mickey Mouse   Deco#32199

Peanuts-joe-cool-CK-215C.jpg (21950 bytes)

Peanuts - Joe Cool Deco# CK215C

cake - pooh & Tigger2.jpg (33160 bytes)

Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, Too    Deco#96074

cake_pooh_eyore_opt.jpg (29501 bytes)

Winnie the Pooh and Eeyore #96204

cake - pooh gang birthday2.jpg (32077 bytes)

Winnie and the Gang   Deco#31118

angel-96045.jpg (10407 bytes)

Angel Deco #96045

cake pricess crown & sceptor2.jpg (36166 bytes) 

Princess Crown & Scepter    Deco#96128

powerpuff-CK-232C.jpg (16261 bytes)

Power Puff Deco#Ck232C

cake barbie dreamtime2.jpg (37588 bytes) 

Barbie Dreamtime    

Deco#96099 (White Barbie) 

Deco#96100 (African-American)

 cake barbie talk2.jpg (31686 bytes) 

Barbie Talk    

Deco#96097 (White Barbie) 

Deco#96098 (African-American)

cake cheerleader2.jpg (41071 bytes) 


Deco#96939 (White)  

Deco#96940  (Black)

cake gymnast2.jpg (35632 bytes) 


Deco#96925 (White)

Deco#96926  (Black)

cake ballerin2a.jpg (36277 bytes)


Deco#96223 (White)

Deco#96224 (Black)

PotatoHead-CK-214C.jpg (25305 bytes)

Potato Head Deco#CK214C

Scooby-CK-207C.jpg (29216 bytes)

Scooby Deco#CK207C

cake bugs bunny & Taz2.jpg (36553 bytes)

Bugs Bunny & Taz    Deco#96016

cake Tweety bird2.jpg (36019 bytes)

Tweety & Frame    Deco#96967

cake rugrats kids on dog2.jpg (35349 bytes)

Rugrats - Kids on Dog    Deco#96014

SesameStreet-Ck198C.jpg (26449 bytes)

Sesame Street Deco#CK198C

cake blues clues time for party2.jpg (38672 bytes)

Blue's Clues - Time For a Party   Deco# 96970

cake thomas the tank engine2.jpg (34585 bytes)

Thomas the Tank Engine   Deco#96289

VeggieTales-CK-239C.jpg (18007 bytes)

Veggie Tales Deco#CK239C

jeepcake.jpg (17888 bytes)

Matchbox Jeep Wrangler #96137

cake dinosaurs2.jpg (39307 bytes)

Dinosaurs   Deco#96375

football coin bank2.jpg (37537 bytes)

Football Coin Bank    Deco#96031

cake vikings football2.jpg (26419 bytes)

Vikings Football    Deco#101

cake twins baseball2.jpg (37671 bytes)

Twins Baseball   Deco#102

cake nascar jeff gordon2.jpg (49780 bytes)

Nascar - Jeff Gordon   Deco#96287

cake_dale_ehrnhardt.jpg (38176 bytes)

Dale Earnhardt #96291

cake military2.jpg (30103 bytes)

Military Vehicles    Deco#96125

cake suv & boat2.jpg (32135 bytes)

SUV & Boat    Deco#96115

cake golf cart2.jpg (32949 bytes)

Golf Cart    Deco#96118

cake construction site2.jpg (35931 bytes)

Construction Site    Deco#96030

cake big rollers2.jpg (30365 bytes)

Big Rollers    Deco#96326

cake emergency rescue2.jpg (34389 bytes)

Emergency Rescue   Deco#96009

Deer-96142.jpg (26671 bytes)

Deer Deco#96142

duck-96983.jpg (25650 bytes)

Duck Deco#96983

bassfish.jpg (34204 bytes)

B.A.S.S. Fish #96403

cake fisherman2.jpg (33241 bytes)


Deco#96187 (White Man)

Deco#96192 (Black Man)

JohnDeere-CK223C.jpg (23256 bytes)

John Deere Deco#CK223C

bestwishescake.jpg (17859 bytes)

Best Wishes #96148

Cakes happy birthday balloons.jpg (26401 bytes)

Happy Birthday Balloons     #27161

OverTheHill-96312.jpg (21176 bytes)

Over The Hill Deco#96312

garfieldoverthehill.jpg (18948 bytes)

Garfield Over The Hill #96063

Vulture-96315.jpg (16888 bytes)

Vulture Deco#96315

cake you're how old2.jpg (31203 bytes)

You're HOW Old?     #37379

cakes confirmation2.jpg (44772 bytes)

Confirmation Cake      #4171

cake - graduation2.jpg (31272 bytes)

Graduation Cake

Black Grad Hat & Diploma  #96112

Graduation Cake 

White Grad Hat & Diploma #96110

Graduation Cake

2x3 Picture Frame on Top

For Your Graduate's Picture #96112


Designer Cakes - Prices

1/4 Sheet (8"x12")  14.99

1/2 Sheet (12"16")  20.99

Full Sheet (16"x24")  29.99


Order Now     

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